Glastonbury 2017 will take place at Worthy Farm from 21st-25th June, 2017 (with the main stages open 23rd-25th June). Following the sales on 6th and 9th October, tickets have now Sold Out.

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A Few Words About Glastonbury Festival

Although most famous for its diverse contemporary music scene, Glastonbury Festival is actually a performing arts festival showcasing dance, comedy, theatre, circus and a huge variety of other arts.

The festival was initially inspired by an open air Led Zeppelin concert held in 1970 at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music and the first Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts was held later in the same year.

Heavily influenced by the free movement and hippie culture of the sixties, Glastonbury became an annual festival from 1981, and has grown exponentially ever since.